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1.7 Wonders
2.7 Wonders II
3.10 Talismans
4.Adventure Inlay Safari
5.Bounce Out
6.Bounce Out Blitz
7.Burger Rush
9.Caribbean Mah Jong
10.Chocolatier 2
11.Diamond Detective
12.Diner Dash 2
13.Diner Dash Flo on the Go
14.Diner Dash Hometown Hero
15.Dream Chronicles
16.Emerald Tale
17.Farm Frenzy
18.Feeding Frenzy
19.Fish Tycoon
20.Gem Drop
21.Hotel Solitaire Deluxe
24.Jewel Quest II
25.Mad Caps
26.Mahjong World
27.Mahjong World
28.Mysteryville 2
29.Ocean Express
30.Pat Sajak's Trivia Gems
32.Phlinx To Go
34.Slingo Deluxe
35.Snowy Lunch Rush
38.SpongeBob Collapse
40.Stand O' Food
41.Super Pool
42.Super Blackjack
43.Super Collapse 3
44.Tap a Jam
49.Wild Words
50.SpongeBob Monopoly
51.Super Granny 4
52.Tiki Boom Boom
53.Word Monaco
54.Wedding Dash
55.Word Spiral
56.Virtual families
57.Pastry Passion
58.Da Vinci's Secret
59.Academy of Magic
61.Bejeweled 2
62.Cannon Blast
63.Alien Sky
65.Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb
66.Feeding Frenzy 2
67.Fab Fashion
68.Heroes of Hellas
69.Hotel Mahjong Deluxe
70.Jane's Hotel
71.Jewel Quest Solitaire II
72.Little Shop of Treasures 2
73.Luxor 2
74.Luxor Amun Rising
75.Mah Jong Medley
76.Mahjong Quest
77.Luxor 3
78.Monopoly by Parker Brothers
79.Monopoly Here & Now Edition
80.SCRABBLE by GameHouse
81.Sally's Salon
82.Burger Rush
83.Atlantis Quest
84.Jewel Match
85.Puzzle Express
86.Poker Superstars II
87.Jojo's Fashion Show
89.The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe
90.Zuma Deluxe
91.Tik's Texas Hold 'em
92.Word Slinger
93.Tri-Peaks Solitaire To Go
95.Wheel of Fortune 2
96.The Scruffs
97.Alice Greenfingers
99.Big Kahuna Reef
100.Combo Chaos
101.BookWorm Deluxe
102.Big Kahuna Reef 2
104.Casino Island To Go
105.Cradle of Rome
106.Big City Adventure San Francisco
107.Chuzzle Deluxe
108.Big Island Blends
109.Bookworm Adventures Deluxe
110.Cafe Mahjong
111.Fairy Treasure
112.Flip Words
113.Letter Linker
116.Mahjong Escape
117.Magic Ball 3
118.Burger Island
119.Hide & Secret
120.Cake Mania 2
122.Delicious 2 Deluxe
123.Pirate Poppers
124.Around the World in 80 Days
125.Blood Ties
126.Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor
127.Cate West The Vanishing Files
128.Ricochet Lost Worlds
129.Rebound Lost Worlds Recharged
130.Super Collapse Puzzle Gallery
131.Rocket Mania Deluxe
133.Mah Jong Quest II
134.Ricochet Infinity
135.Neptune's Secret
136.Babel Deluxe
135.Aloha TriPeaks
136.Belle's Beauty Boutique
137.Puzzle Inlay
138.Magic Inlay
139.Super Pop & Drop
Copy Code
140.SpongeBob Collapse
141.Cradle of Persia
142.Gutterball 2
143.LEGO Chic Boutique
144.Lifetime RSVP
145.Yahtzee Texas Hold'em
146.The Magician's Handbook Cursed Valley
148.Babysitting Mania
149.Monarch The Butterfly King
151.Sunset Studio Deluxe
152.Peggle Deluxe
153.Rainforest Adventure
154.Nanny Mania
156.Bookworm Adventures Deluxe
157.AirStrike 3D
158.Zodiac Tower
159.Caramba Deluxe
160.Word Harmony
161.Word Cross
162.The Office
163.Hyperballoid 2
164.Big City Adventure Sydney
165.Fashion Boutique
166.Super Granny 3
167.Vogue Tales
168.Pin High Country Club Golf
170.Hidden Relics
172.Parking Dash
174.Build in Time
175.Build-a-lot 2 - Town of the Year
176.Build-a-lot 3 - Passport to Europe
177.Jojo's Fashion Show
178.Jojo's Fashion Show 2
179.Hammer Heads Deluxe
180.Pizza Frenzy
181.Garden Dreams
182.Tennis Titans
183.Turtle Odyssey 2
184.Fashion Apprentice
185.Mystery of Unicorn Castle
186.Amelie's Cafe
187The Wizard's Pen
188.Mystery of Unicorn Castle
189.Cooking Academy 2
190.Tradewinds Caravans
191.PJ Pride 2
192.Virtual Villagers
193.Virtual Villagers 3 The Secret City
194.Airport Mania
195.Wedding Dash 2
196.3 Days - Zoo Mystery
197.Delicious - Emily's Tea Garden
198.Delicious - Emily's Taste Of Fame
199.Virtual Villagers 2 The Lost Children
200.Jessica's Cupcake Cafe
201.Jane's Realty
202.Call Of Atlantis
203.Sunset Studio - Love on the High Seas
204.Sally's Spa
207.Burger Shop
208.Treasure Masters Inc.
209.Dream Chronicles 2 - The Eternal Maze
210.Dream Chronicles 3 - The Chosen Child
211.Restaurant Rush
212.Chocolatier 3 - Decadence by Design
213.Farm Mania
214.Posh Boutique 2
215.Fashion Solitaire
216.Family Mystery - The Story of Amy
217.Creat A Mall
218.Holly 2 - Magic Land
219.The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal
220.Cake Mania Main Street
221.Townopolis Gold
222.Burger Island 2 - The Missing Ingredient
223.Tradewinds Legends
224.Tradewinds 2
225.Agatha Christie Peril At End House
226.Tradewinds Classic
227.Tradewinds Odyssey
228.Youda Sushi Chef
229.Club Control
230.Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst
231.Mah Jong Quest II
232.Mah Jong Quest III
233.Poker Superstar 3
234.Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan
235.Coffee Rush
236.10 Days Under The Sea
237.Fashion Craze
238.Wild Tribe
239.Mystic Emporium
240.Alchemist's Apprentice
241.Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla
242.Sky Kingdoms
243.Wedding Dash - Ready, Aim, Love!

Có 243 gameshouse link hoàn toàn [MF]

Sau khi cài đặt thì khoan Open. Chép file Reflexive DropZone.exe ra desktop rồi sau đó nhấp chuột vào icon Bejeweled 2 Deluxe trên desktop kéo thả vào file Reflexive DropZone.exe mà mới vừa copy. Vậy là chúng ta đã có bản full rồi. Enjoy....

Link down Bejeweled 2 1.0

Link down Sproink

Cd key :Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QPWZEZ-4NUX0G-725EDY-67CR56 ( 12,5 MB)

Link down Burger Rush next1
Cd key:Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QMXGZX-97Q7NG-6H9DYB-KF3822

Link down Talismania Deluxe
Cd key :Name:web games
Registration Keys:0000Q6-GGQVKN-T12VHV-5UN23M-ZG3HYD

Link down LEGO Bricktopia
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QN8NT6-8CGDKY-HHUM53-XUAWMT

Xếp hình

Link down Jigsaw Beach Holiday
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QQBB5R-HZ8G3Z-EDUCE4-9ARU19

Link down Bomberic_II

Link down Monopoly - Cờ tỉ phú

Feeding Frenzy 2 full:
Mirror :

Link down Dream Day First Home
Name:mini gamespc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-PB5TE8-YEP60F-ZT1V2Z-AK3QRZ

Link down Farm Frenzy
Name:mini gamespc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-PBRUU8-FJR53K-2HJP5W-HCEJNW

Link down Belles Beauty Boutique
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QNUYQR-M101GU-6GNNXC-G9NCX2

Link down Sushi Frenzy
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QNG6HK-YN47YQ-897YR4-KEQAXC

Link down Teddy Tavern
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QNXWZR-7J98G0-41VYX1-0DN6W5

Link down Baby sitting Mania
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QPRZD1-H1U815-KAC9HT-B1A67B

Link down Fab Fashion
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QQ4HA7-0VVDT8-6EC5CP-7K17XU

Link down Defender of the Crown
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QNMZ87-4P3B5K-1HMUPD-YN7XAY

Link down Svetlograd
Name:mini gamespc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-P95VNA-452ZTH-RAM06Z-VB9GQR


Link down
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QN2E51-WMJQEH-W5P8M0-HJE91F

Link down Aveyond 2
Name:web games
Registration Keys:0000Q6-GHA60U-QBRVU2-YVK5JQ-NG7DQQ

Đã sửa link
Phiên bản đánh với Yugi :

part 1:click
part 2:click

Phiên bản đánh với Kaiba :

part 1:click
part 2:click
part 3:click
Phiên bản đánh với Joey :

part 1:click
part 2:click
part 3:click

Link down Grimm's Hatchery
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QN9ME7-ZJ7NE2-5MFZGT-VF7D3X

Link down Virtual Villagers 2
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QQFV60-JJ9HNZ-60VYP5-5GQ8PY

Link down Stick Soldier


Counter-Strike 1.6

Link down Counter-Strike 1.6

Đây là bản full
Counter-strike 1.6 full :

Đây là bản patch
Counter-strike 1.6 v23 :




PC Rip
Pass unrar:
Mirror :
PC Full
(đã kèm cr@ck)
Pass unrar: Colonel Baryl -
Mirror :
Pass unrar: Colonel Baryl -
Pass unrar:
PSX Full
Pass unrar:
Mirror :
Pass unrar: Colonel Baryl -

Link down Worm Blast


Mario Fusion

Link down Mario Fusion

Link down Deep Sea Tycoon
Name: minigames pc
Registration Keys:0000JJ-QND3Y0-7YBG5G-0NUD2G-PHEK6P

Link down Bubble Bubble 2

Link down Tom And Jerry

Link down Insaniquarium

Link down Domino


Link down HoyleCasino2008
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