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Gran Turismo 4 - The Real Driver Simulator (ENG/Full ISO)

Gran Turismo 4 - The Real Driver Simulator (ENG/Full ISO)
PC Game | Windows | Racing | Polyphony Digital | 3.9 GB

Gran Turismo 4 - of course, is the best auto-simulator for the PlayStation 2 and finally an opportunity to see that and PC owners do not have the PlayStation 2 in stock. This is possible because already nastroinomu specifically for GT4 emulator which is in the cards.
And all this with a very serious study of both the gameplay and physical models of machines. Fans of Gran Turismo know: This series was never 100% simulator, but there is a feeling of complete control over the car and feel the reality of the situation.

-Mount image, install.
"After Install log into your game folder and run the file pcsx2.exe
-In the window that appears, click the button at the top of the File => Run CD / DVD in the window that appears, select the file and play GT4USA_DVD5.ISO
In the game go to options in the settings screen (Screen) and set mode 480p, adjust the brightness change is not desirable

System requirements:
- Pentium 4 1500-2000 MHz
- RAM: 512 MB - 1Gb
- Video: MB 128-256

Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: SCEA
Language: English
Size: 3.97 Gb

Moto games 11 in 1 (PC) 2010 RePack

Collection of games in the style of Moto. All the splendor of motor sport - in a "gold" edition. You can cut a wide swath in the rays of searchlights, flying high into the air on jumps indoor stadiums. Revel insane speed racing classic ring. Under the roar of the tribunes then jump on the front, the rear wheel on an intricate obstacle course - necessarily so as not to touch the ground with his foot. And, finally, to organize suicide races on crowded city streets, cursing along the way lost all shame drivers .. ATV Mudracer
ATV Mudracer - race, speed, steep turns - test yourself in a race at the speed of motor-cars off-road in many countries in the world

Moto Gp and Moto Gp 2
Moto GP 2 - Beautiful, exciting and very unusual official game of Championship Moto GP. Depending on the mood of Moto GP2 can be as arcade motorcycle gonyalkoy, in which the main thing is the wind whistling and razmazynnoe asphalt sheet under the wheels. So very true moto simulator, do not forgive the slightest mistake ...

Moto Racer 3
All the splendor of motor sport - in a "gold" edition. You can cut a wide swath in the rays of searchlights, flying high into the air on jumps indoor stadiums. Revel insane speed racing classic ring.
Under the roar of the tribunes then jump on the front, the rear wheel on an intricate obstacle course - necessarily so as not to touch the ground with his foot. And, finally, to organize suicide races on crowded city streets, cursing along the way lost all shame drivers ..

Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing
Like most modern racing, Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing offers you a few basic modes. You can take part in the full championship, or ride with the breeze on one of the 12 tracks are available under a limited support of the enemy. And, at the beginning of the competition you submitted a model of motorcycle, and three routes to choose from, but with victories in the championship round of new features (in the form of hidden trails and the most powerful car models) will only grow. Over time, you can open all the trails and get a couple of top secret bonus levels. With specific regard to the race, then this process reminded me of the many half-forgotten Redline Racer.

American Chopper
American Chopper - an extraordinary, original adventure action, created on motives of the same television series dedicated to build unique motorcycles that exist in a single copy. In this game you are waiting for insane street racing on the legendary chopper, each of which is worth several hundred thousand dollars.
During the game you will have the opportunity to create their own bike-dream. Completing tasks boss, you will be able to travel to many miles of American roads, access to the most powerful motorcycles, and possibly earn the respect of the most hardened biker.

Motocross Madness
Motocross Madness, you can participate in several types of competitions, namely: Baja, Stunts, Enduro, National, Motocross and Pro-circuit.V principle in any of them on you will only need one thing: to drive on his bike for the intended route and preferably not fall.

MTX - MotoTrax
Playing MTX Mototrax - this is an exciting high-speed racing game with the dynamics of 60 frames per second. Players are immersed deeper in the attempts to dominate on the track, what is helping them and simultaneously prevent the real effects, realistic sound engines and a pulsating soundtrack, designed specifically for the game.

Ducati World
(Start Fail ducati.exe in Bin folder) Ducati World - is an impressive fleet of the most perfect Italian motorcycles. This is a world where the novice pilot to open a dizzying career opportunities, where the beautiful landscapes of the state-paved road

Extreme speedway challenge
Good games, where the main role appears a motorcycle - on the PC a little, but they are so good that others do not particularly need. We speak, of course, the MotoGP series and Motoracer. Squalid same crafts - now and then occur, often with beautiful pictures and enticing text deceiving gullible, eager to expand their horizon cyber-motorcyclists. These blende, alas, true ESC - we recommend that you buy in any case, despite the alleged "uniqueness in the world speedway simulator. It is unclear from which this fossil trunks removed - but only riders on the track look as though they are not three-dimensional models, and sprites, creating pseudo. And there is a suspicion that they are not just looking sprites - and as such are. Summary - horror.

FIM Speedway Grand Prix
FIM Speedway Grand Prix - not just a new game, addressed to all who are interested in high-speed track-motorcycling. FIM Speedway Grand Prix - a simulator of one of the most courageous, dangerous and spectacular forms of motorsport, executed on a new technological level.

Title: World motorcycle racing 11 1 / Moto games 11 in 1
Genre: Race
Platform: PC
Language: Russian + English
Sustem requirements: Pentium 4 RAM: 512 MB Video: 128 MB
All Inclusive
Size: 3.2 Gb


Hard Truck Pack l Full Iso Games l 3.13 GB [RS]

18.Wheels.of.Steel.Convoy 2005 CD
18.Wheels.Of.Steel.Haulin 2006 CD

World Racing 2

Minimum specifications (to be able to play the game)
* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
* DirectX 9.0c
* Athlon XP 1800+ or Pentium IV with 1.8 GHz
* 256 MB RAM
* AGP-3D graphics card with min. 64 MB
* DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
* 1.7 GB free hard drive space
* 2x DVD-ROM

Recommended specifications (to play with proper settings)
* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
* DirectX 9.0c
* Athlon XP / 64 2400+ or Pentium IV with 2.4 GHz or better
* 512 MB RAM
* Graphics card ATI Radeon 9600 XT or better /
nVidia GeForce FX 5900 XT or better
* DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
* 4.2 GB free hard drive space
* 2x DVD-ROM

Ferrari Virtual Race Drift Mod 2 v.2.8.1 (2010/ENG/RePack)

Ferrari Virtual Race Drift Mod 2 v.2.8.1 (2010/ENG/RePack)
English | PC | .ISO | RacingCulture | 2010 | 3.11 GB
Genre: Racing

This is a racing simulator with a new generation of photo-realistic graphics, as close to the reality of physics, intelligent AI and so on. The game creates a very realistic sensation of driving, which, however, does not prevent us get into an absolutely fantastic situations and accidents.
Many of the new introduced to the game developers, this version of the mod is different from all those that this time the developers were not limited to just new machines, they have radically changed the game and navigate in the game became available to new tracks now she was not alone, there are about 4 - x, and will add more as the release updates.

System requirements:
Processor: Pentium 4 3.2GHz / Athlon 3200 +
Memory: 1024 MB
Video: 312 MB, Radeon X800 / GeForce 6600 GT, Shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0c
Soundcard: DirectX 9.0c compatible
Free DB: 2.5 GB

In this version:
1) 3D selection of cars.
2) Menu selection of tracks.
3) have the opportunity to choose the color machines.
4) Advanced graphics.
5) Added nitro acceleration (right shift)
6) Rotate the camera around the machine (press W, S, A, D)
7) Test multiplayer (unfortunately there is no clear work)

RayCity (2010/ENG)

Title: RayCity
Genre: MMOG / Racing
Language: English
Year: 2010
Developer: EA's Seoul Studio
Publisher: AsiaSoft
Size: 1.3 GB

About the Game: RayCity ™ - the newest network race with elements from MMORPG known developer Electronic Arts. Are you ready to race without rules the streets of the big city? Do you like to ride with the breeze? Dream of fame and wealth? Welcome to RayCity ™. Buy car, communicate with friends, perform tasks, won races and become the king of street racing!

* Lots of quests and missions. It's boring to perform one? Call a friend and will do the job together!
* Tuning Car: paint the car of your choice, replace the parts - all in your hands;
* The regime of free riding, hot pursuit and speed of arrival;
* Elements of MMORPG: Guild system, pumping characteristics of the car, in-game chat.

How to start:
1. Install the game;
2. Register your account at https: / / / register / account_reg.aspx
3. Play!

Minimum System Requirements:
System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz / AMD 1800 +
Memory: 512 MB (1Gb VISTA)
Video: nVidia GeForce 5200 / ATI Radeon 9600
Soundcard: DirectX Compatible Soundcard
Hard drive: 3.0 GB

On file:
Publication Type: License
Medicine: Not required
File format:. Exe
Platform: PC


MotorM4X: Offroad Extreme [2008]

suggested system requirements:
Pentium 4 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphic card 512 MB (GeForce 7800 or better), 2 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista.

Heat Wave (2010/ENG/POL)

English | PC | Developer: Nemesys | Publisher: City Interactive | 694 MB
Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D

Professional street racer - the best agent undercover! Especially if his role made just you. Police put the formidable task - to stop the excesses street racing gangs and smugglers, led by a criminal "authority", a cool and elusive Nicholas Thorne. To achieve the goal you have to infiltrate the ranks of road raiders and win the confidence of private ringleader. Challenge the fastest opponents and win an incredibly spirited race in the city and Port Townsend! For each race won, you get a good sum. After collecting enough money you can spend on buying a new car or fancy tuning. Wealth will lead to new developments - you can not only stop the excesses of his rivals, but also to collect sports car, worthy to become an ornament to any collection.
Year: 2010
Genre: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / 3D
Developer: Nemesys
Publisher: City Interactive
Platform: PC

LA Street Racing ( PC/ENG/2007 )

LA Street Racing ( PC/ENG/2007 )
PC | English | Groove Games | 2007 | 429 MB
Genre: Driving

The night is yours, the streets are yours and that sucker’s ride is going to be yours too, just as soon as the pedals drop and this show hits the road, literally.

Just strap in, hold on and don’t swallow your tongue, because there’s no first and second place here, only winners and losers. Tracks on city streets are lit up with turns indicated by large glowing arrows. Avoid parked cars and other obstacles. Watch out, the hand brake is quite touchy and takes some getting used to, try using regular braking to slow your speed and avoid spinning out around corners. Good luck!
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