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ODD Society | Genre: Action-Adventure | 152 Mb

ODD Society | Genre: Action-Adventure | 152 Mb
ODD Society | Genre: Action-Adventure | 152 Mb

Meet the ODDs, a creative and hard-working race of people. As the story begins, the ODDs have just escaped from the evil Factory Tower step into the outside world for the very first time.... Will you help ODD Boy - an energetic young ODD with a special talent - in his quest to build a village for his friends and family?Features
* Explore a beautiful and cartoonish 3D world to find and gather the natural resources needed for the village construction
* Take on quests to build all sorts of buildings: forge, warehouse, houses, bridges...
* Talk to colorful characters - such as ODD Boy's parents and sister - to acquire valuable tools
* Experience a humorous and unique storyline as you discover what life is in the ODD Society
* Easy and fun gameplay for all ages!
ODD Society | Genre: Action-Adventure | 152 Mb



Rygar: The Legendary Adventure

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure

Disney Mickey Saves: The Day 3D Adventure

Disney Mickey Saves: The Day 3D Adventure | 503 MB

Disaster has struck Mickey's Hometown! Big Bad Pete has kidnapped the newly elected mayor and taken over the running of the town. Your help is desperately needed to rescue the major and save the town from ruin.
Play as and rescue either Mickey or Minnie.Discover hundreds of clickable animations in over 25 different locations, with help from Mickey and Minniea€™s friends : Donald, Daisy, Goofy & Pluto. Includes 5 different playable activities to which you can return time and time again.

Style: Adventure, Logical, Games for children
Language: English
Size: 370 Mb

System requirements:
System: Windows XP(sp2), Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 at 500 MHz
Memory: 128 Gb
Video: 32 Mb



Dora s Lost and Found Adventure [FINAL]

Dora's Lost and Found Adventure [FINAL] | 32 mb

Dora and her friends are going to the park to put on a music show and follow it with a fun picnic. They're about to start the show when, oh no! Swiper shows up! He swipes everything: their instruments, party decorations, toys and things for their picnic! Dora needs your help! It's a hidden picture adventure where you help her find everything Swiper swiped and give it all back so the show can go on!
Dora s Lost and Found Adventure [FINAL]

The Yoga Adventure for Children: Playing, Dancing, Moving, Breathing, Relaxing -ebook

The Yoga Adventure for Children: Playing, Dancing, Moving, Breathing, Relaxing -ebook
The Yoga Adventure for Children: Playing, Dancing, Moving, Breathing, Relaxing
Hunter House | 2007 | ISBN: 0897934709 | 144 pages | PDF | 13 MB


The Yoga Adventure for Children is an illustrated manual for teachers at primary schools and yoga teachers who wish to create children's classes. Featuring 80 drawings of poses, the book playfully acquaints children with yoga stretches and postures and the philosophy behind the practice. Blending yoga, play, dance, music, drama, and drawing, the book requires very little preparation before use. Parents too can share The Yoga Adventure for Children with their child at home. Practicing yoga together offers an opportunity to both parents and the child to laugh, play, and have fun together.
Many yoga positions are inspired by animals and stimulate suppleness and strength, and all aspects of yoga are included in the games: relaxation, breathing, concentration, meditation, self-awareness, and visualization. Concepts like karma, chakra, and the elements are explained and developed without too much confusing detail. The games in this book can also be used to increase children's concentration and self-esteem, and to stimulate them to express more creativity, imagination, and better social skills.



Buzz Lightyear of Star Command – The Adventure Begins DVDRip

     Buzz Lightyear of Star Command – The Adventure Begins DVDRip
Discover the story behind  the ultimate space hero as he stars in his very own cartoon adventure! Woody made it big as the star of his very own TV show and you can bet Buzz Lightyear had an even bigger beginning! In an unforgettable action-packed saga, Buzz takes on the evil Emperor Zurg in intergalactic combat. Together with those hilarious Little Green Men and a whole new cast of exciting characters, Buzz Lightyear takes adventure and heroism to infinity and beyond!

HDO-Adventure-4-In-1-HOG-Pack [FINAL]

HDO-Adventure-4-In-1-HOG-Pack [FINAL]
HDO-Adventure-4-In-1-HOG-Pack [FINAL]

HDO-Adventure-4-In-1-HOG-Pack [FINAL]| 166 mb

*Follow Bonnie & Clyde’s track through the United States!
*Help Brad find parts of Janet's body, as well as the pieces of the monstrous machine which will bring her back to life!
*Earn the trust of your boss and move up the ranks in this seek and find adventure until you get your star on Hollywood Boulevard!
*You are the Chosen One, the End Of World War II Depends On You!
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