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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos ( Pc Highly Compressed ) | 188 Mb

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos ( Pc Highly Compressed ) | 188 Mb
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos ( Pc Highly Compressed ) | 188 Mb

It has been nearly fifteen years since the war between the orcs and humans ended. Yet the kingdoms of men grew complacent in their victory - and slowly, the defeated orcish clans regrouped under the banner of a new visionary leader. As the drums of war play once again, you must build and rule an empire of four unique races armed with distinctive units, magical abilities, and weapons. Spread your dominance online against other armies over Battle.net, which includes an improved ladder support.Features
* Four Unique Races armed with distinctive units, magical abilities, and weapons of war.
* Two nations of warriors new to the Warcraft Universe; the plague-ridden * Undead and the mysterious Night Elves.
* Build Legendary Heroes, whose ability to advance in levels and learn new spells and abilities makes them the core of each race's force.
* Heroes can use Special Items and Equipment dropped by Neutral Units or purchased from Neutral Buildings to turn the tide of battle.
* Neutral Units inhabit the world of Azeroth and impede the unwarry but yield precious treasure when defeated in combat.
* Full Multiplayer support, including Internet play over Battle.net®.
* New Multiplayer Features including shared unit control and resource trading between players.
* Improved Battle.net Features including improved ladder support.
* Advanced World Editor design tools allow players to create their own maps and customize many aspects of the game.
Install Notes:
1.) Unzip/Unace (Ace 2.0) manually or use our installer
2.) Change CD Key
3.) Run Setup.bat to decompress gamefiles
4.) Hit "Warcraft III.exe" to play the game!

Note: If you want to change the CD Key then you have to do it before running Setup.bat. We included different keys in cdkeys.zip what you can find in Disk 1. Simple replace all the font files in your Font dir with different ones from cdkeys.zip and run Setup.bat after that.



Delve Deeper-VACE

Delve Deeper-VACE
Delve Deeper-VACE

Take command of five Dwarf adventurers as they dive into long-abandoned mines to search for incredible wealth, lost treasures, dangerous monsters and bragging rights at the drinking hall. Be wary though, up to four teams set forth at once, and your greatest obstacle may be a fellow Dwarf with a different colored hat! Delve Deeper puts you against monsters as you and up to three rival teams build an ever-changing dungeon map and compete to pilfer its loot as quickly as possible.Delve Deeper-VACE
* Endlessly re-playable, fast and furious dungeon adventure meets devious tile-placement puzzler to generate a unique experience each time.
* Up to four players per map, each with a fully customized team of Dwarfs, commanded by your best friends or your hated nemesis, the Rival Dwarf AI.
* Gorgeous 2D pixel art graphics, fully animated characters, critters and combat.
* Quirky humor, with 100 uniquely named Relics to collect, dozens of themed rival dwarf teams, and the ever-present King of Dwarfs commending your success, lambasting your failure, and awarding you with snarky titles at the end of each match.


Alcatraz (2010) By Soft2050

Alcatraz (2010) By Soft2050
Alcatraz (2010)

When a terrorist group takes Alcatraz Island and threaten to shoot missiles at San Francisco, a special commando team prepares to respond to the threat. Old Special Forces agent and teacher, Joe is now in jail in order to beat to death by official error which cost the lives of a whole team of Joe. The game is created in explanation of the famous film "The Rock".
Game features:
- Accurate physics of the environment with good possibilities of interaction.
- Select among the powerful weapons, including pistols, semiautomatic and automatic rifles.
- Accurate reconstructed copy of Alcatraz Island, based on real photographs and plans.

Minimum System Requirements:
System: Windows Vista / XP / Windows 7
Processor: P4-2.0
Memory: 512 MB System Memory
Video Card: 128 MB 3D Card
Audio-card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
Hard disk: 1,5 GB
Alcatraz (2010) By Soft2050
Alcatraz (2010) By Soft2050



Madballs in Babo: Invasion ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 283 Mb

Madballs in Babo: Invasion ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 283 Mb
Madballs in Babo: Invasion ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 283 Mb

On a jungle moon orbiting a distant planet, the Babo fight petty internal conflicts, unaware that their long-forgotten cousins, the Scorched, have returned after thousands of years to exact a terrible revenge. As the Babo and the Scorched engage in a civil war for territory, glory, and survival, two mysterious outsiders crash-land on the planet with their own motivations...ey Features:
* Single Player — Hours of repeatable gameplay through 10 epic levels
* 2-4 Player Online Co-op — challenge individual campaign levels with your friends or play the whole campaign in ‘Enduro’ mode
* 16 Player Multiplayer — 21 maps to match all game sizes
'* Invasion' Mode — the signature mode of the game, players take turns placing map tiles to create a unique multiplayer map prior to each match
* Voice Chat — Talk to the other players in-game
* Classes — 10 character classes (each with 2 special abilities) over two warring factions, with each faction having 5 unique weapons each with two distinct firing modes
* Madballs Characters — Oculus Orbus™ and Horn Head™ from the infamous 80’s toy craze as in-game characters
* 5 Archetypes — Assault, Heavy, Runner, Flyer, Support
* Deployables — active (rocket turrets) or passive (healing towers) can be placed in Invasion mode
* Unlocks and Secrets — 50 unlocks and 50 Secrets to find during campaign gameplay
* Action — emphasis on fast-paced, visceral action that is easy to pick and play, yet offers a real strategic challenge for hardcore gamers
Madballs in Babo: Invasion ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 283 Mb

PC System Requirements Minimum[/b[
OS: Windows XP 32-bit/Vista/Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or any Dual Core processor
Memory: 768MB RAM (XP) / 1 GB RAM (Vista/7)
Graphics: DirectX 9 level card w 64 MB VRAM – NVIDIA GeForce Series 6 or better, ATI 9600 or better, Intel Extreme Graphics 2 or better
Hard Drive: 500 MB free
Sound: DirectX Compatible Soundcard


OS: Windows XP 32-bit/Vista/Windows 7
Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core or Better
Memory: 1GB RAM(XP) / 1.5 GB RAM (Vista/7)
Graphics: DirectX 9 level card w 256 MB VRAM and Shader model 3.0 – NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or better, ATI X1900 or better
Hard Drive: 500 MB free
Sound: DirectX Compatible Soundcard



Sid Meier's Pirates! ( Pc Highly Compressed ) | 259 Mb

Sid Meier's Pirates! ( Pc Highly Compressed ) | 259 Mb
Sid Meier's Pirates! ( Pc Highly Compressed ) | 259 Mb

In Pirates! you take the leading role of a pirate captain in the 17th-century Caribbean, amassing fortune and fame in an attempt to seize your rightful place as one of the most revered (and feared) pirates in history. As your reputation and skills grow, so will the size and quality of your crew and your ability to take on larger enemy ships, raid and plunder heavily fortified ports, and locate ancient treasure. There's a whole cast of interesting and dangerous characters to meet, mysteries to solve, exotic island destinations to discover, and powerful alliances to forge.Features
* Experience an all-new story built upon the most fun and compelling features of the original Pirates! game
* Live out multiple quests through a non-linear, open life timeline where every decision poses distinct challenges and possibilities
* Witness the consequences of your actions in current events throughout the Pirates! world
* Battle, overtake and command 27 different ship types, enhanced with assorted ammo, cannon and other upgrades
* Take on various foes including merchant and military captains, ferocious pirates, evil gentry and even rival suitors — each with different skills and abilities
* Confront enemies on board ships, in seedy taverns, on the ramparts and even at the Governor's mansion
* Wield weapons — or anything within your reach — as you fence against foes
* Engage in fierce naval battles fighting single enemies or multiple ships
* Sneak into towns, escape out of prisons, navigate around adversaries and surprise unsuspecting vessels
* Dispatch landing parties of buccaneers in strategic battles to take over entire cities
* Increase your riches and impress the governor's daughter with your charm, fame, heroism — even your dancing abilities
* Collect items (swords, spyglasses, armor, hats, coats, etc.) that improve skills or provide other new benefits and view them in a new inventory system
* Enhance your gameplay experience with downloadable content including flags, sail emblems, character skins and more
Sid Meier's Pirates! ( Pc Highly Compressed ) | 259 Mb
Sid Meier's Pirates! ( Pc Highly Compressed ) | 259 Mb
Sid Meier's Pirates! ( Pc Highly Compressed ) | 259 Mb



Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge ( Pc Highly compressed Full) | 262 Mb

Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge ( Pc Highly compressed Full) | 262 Mb
Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge ( Pc Highly compressed Full) | 262 Mb

The fans of adventure games, both veterans and novices, will enjoy both the innovations and the traditional style of this new game, which, promises to be very amusing and extremely spectacular.In this episode, Fenimore Fillmore and Rhiannon are galloping through the Far-West and find a wounded man. Fenimore leaves to get some water while Rhiannon keeps watch and tends to the man’s wounds. The mysterious man regains consciousness and tells her that there is a hidden secret treasure in a cemetery. In a last breath of life, he reveals to her its exact location. During this time three men approach. They attack Fenimore and Rhiannon in order to know what the dead man revealed. They leave Fenimore for dead and kidnap Rhiannon. It is the beginning of an exciting treasure hunt…

Game Features:
* 3rd person 3D adventure
* A humoristic western adventure
* Strong NPC personalities and a lot of bandits to shoot at
* The possibility to play alternatively with the 2 main characters: Fenimore Fillmore, a courageous hero, and Rhiannon, a sexy girl
* A lot of enigmas to solve in order to progress in the adventure
* More than 50 objects to use: Find and combine them in order to take advantage of them
* A complete and ambitious script of in authentic "Spaghetti Westerns" style
* Incredible realism of the characters
* Unique 3D "Point & Click" interface from Revistronic Engine v.2
Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge ( Pc Highly compressed Full) | 262 Mb
Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge ( Pc Highly compressed Full) | 262 Mb

Whats Ripped?
Nothing....just Highly compressed

Installation Instructions:
1. Unrar and Run Setup.bat to decompress files
2. Play game with game exe

system requirements:
Pentium 4 1.5 GHz,
graphic card 128 MB (GeForce FX 5700 or better),
Windows XP/Vista.



Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 79 Mb

Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 79 Mb
Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 79 Mb

In the aftermath of numerous wars waged repeatedly over time, the tattered earth was quickly dying. These devastating wars had not only decimated the population, but had basicly depleted the earth of its natural, precious resources. Some of the survivors saw no hope of salvation and decided to leave the earth. They flew into the skies to face an uncertain future elsewhere.
Determined to heal the planet, the remaining survivors stayed behind in an attempt to repair and revive the ravaged earth. But was it too late? Nothing that the humans attempted had successfully worked. Humanity soon realized that it was practically impossible for them to bring the earth back to life on their own.

* X-Edition adds 3 modes of game play:
* Standard: Play AOS with new characters, including "Suguri P”
* Falling Wonder: Alternate story line "Night of Miracles”
* Pudding Deity: Alternate story line "Weapon of Sweetness”
* Fight through a serious of CPU opponents.Choose from three levels of difficulity * EASY, NORMAL, or HARD.

* 1Pvs2P: (*Requires two controllers)
* 1PvsCPU: (*Default difficulty is "NORMAL”.)
* Network Battle: Fight someone over the internet.
* Practice Mode: In practice mode your Hyper Gauge and Armor Gauge are refilled automatically.
* Replay: You can play replays

System requirements
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (DirectX 8.1a or above)
CPU: Intel Pentium (or compatible) 1GHz or above
VRAM: VRAM32MB or above (64MB recommended) DirectX 8.1a compatible card
Memory: 64MB or above (depending on OS)



The Humans ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 136 Mb

The Humans ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 136 Mb
The Humans ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 136 Mb

In this version of The Humans, the premise is simple: the player must take control of the Humans and steer the bumbling buffoons along the paths of evolution and guide them to safety while aiming to discover some of mankind's greatest inventions along the way. With the help of the player, "The Humans" will run, throw, jump, catapult, battle dinosaurs, and surf their way through all the trails and tribulations of the Jurassic period while discovering some of mankind's greatest inventions. 80 levels of stone throwing, wheel riding, spear chucking, rope swinging, dinosaur slaying action awaits "The Humans" as they attempt to evolve and avoid the natural disasters that greet them at every turn.
The little cave dwellers need your help! Use important Stone Age discoveries such as fire and spears, and rescue the kidnapped tribesfolk from cunning enemies and migthy dinosaurs. Countless challenges set in beautiful scenerey await in this humorous puzzle game. Master them with logic and skill.

The Humans ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 136 Mb
The Humans ( Pc Highly Compressed Full ) | 136 Mb
System requirements
Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or AMD Sempron 1150/ AMD Athlon 2000+ and above
128 MB AGP or PCI-Express Video card (GeForce or ATI Radeon)
256 MB RAM, 650 MB hard disk space
Win XP SP2 - 32 bit

Install Notes:
1. unrar
2. unzip
3. run setup.bat



Angel Egg Pinball Highly Compressed By Soft2050

Angel Egg Pinball Highly Compressed By Soft2050
Angel Egg Pinball

Step into the arcade! Whether you’re a beginner or a pinball expert, LittleWing’s award-winning games will challenge and entertain you with the authentic features, physics, and "feel” of real arcade machines. What’s more, LittleWing games contain no violence, and up to four can play—so they’re great for family fun.Download:


Roll 'M Up

Roll 'M Up
Roll 'M Up

Roll Em Up Pinball is one of the best free Pinball games on the Net. These tables are set in a bar-like setting, so you'll find bar stools, a piano, bar and bottles and bottles of beer. The more beers you hit the more points you earn. You'll also find lots of ramps and valleys, light and obstacles, and flaming balls and everything you might associate with your typical Pinball game. It's simple to play, all you have to do is hit the Z button to operate the left side, one of the arrows to operate the right, and the space bar to launch the ball. It has an excellent graphic layout. All in all you'll get hours of fun!
Roll 'M Up


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