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Tales of Monkey Island Collectors Edition-SKIDROW

Tales of Monkey Island Collectors Edition-SKIDROW

Size : 2702MB
Genre: Adventure

While explosively stripping the evil pirate LeChuck of his demonic mojo, Guybrush Threepwood inadvertently infects the entire Caribbean with the arch-fiend’s expelled voodoo, which threatens to transform buccaneers into unruly pirate monsters.
Pursued by a notorious cut-throat Pirate Hunter and a creepy French Physician who believes that Guybrush’s eerily-infected hand holds the secret of eternal life, Threepwood sails the seven seas in search of La Esponja Grande, a legendary sea sponge with unparalleled voodoo exfoliating abilities. But little does Guybrush know, his quest is part of a larger, more sinister plot, and good and evil are not always as they seem.

Publisher: Telltale Games
Developper: Telltale Games



National Geographic Safari Adventures Africa – PC (2009)

Discover the adventures of Alex and Emma as they explore the African continent in this thrilling adventure game.

* 9 amazing habitats to choose from
* Over 30 missions to solve full of exciting new adventures

* Make friends with over 50 animals including lions, elephants, cheetahs, gorillas, hippos and more!
* Your new found animal friends lend you a hand on your amazing expedition
* Fill your photo album with all your latest exciting explorations
* Learn about the animals and plants of Africa through great information provided by National Geographic

Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch

System Requirements:
PROCESSOR: Pentium III 500 MHz
VIDEO CARD: 16 MB RAM compatible 3D or open GL
SOUND CARD: DirectX 9 compatible
OTHER: 400 MB of free space on the hard disk drive

Download :

Airstrike Eagles of World War 2

Airstrike Eagles of World War 2

Airstrike Eagles of World War2 |125 MB

In the game you are given the opportunity to feel like a pilot in the ranks of the U.S. Air Force wing at the front of the Second World. The game comes with original missions only for Americans, but the developers are planning the release of the additional campaigns, which will be presented to new battlefields and the nation - we will be given the opportunity to feel like a Luftwaffe pilot, or a Soviet pilot. Available 3 missions of 30.

Airstrike Eagles of World War 2

Airstrike Eagles of World War 2

Year: 2010
Genre: Arcade / Flight Combat / 3D
Developer: Slitherine Software
Publisher: Slitherine Software
Language: English
Platform: PC

System requirements:
XP / Vista, Pentium III 1.2 GHz processor,
512 MB RAM, 128 MB DirectX
compatible video card, DirectX 9.0c.


Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter v1.1 Portable

Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter v1.1 Portable

Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter v1.1 Portable | 295 MB

"Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter” is an a 3d shooter space game for the PC/Windows platform intended to be downloaded from various game portals. The player is in a role of a gunner/shooter of a ship escaping an alien invasion in order to warn the rest of humanity of the incoming attack. It’s basically a rail shooter, so the player does not control the ship only defends it. There are 2 gun groups attached to the ship: upper and lower. As the player drags the mouse the cannon groups are switched to cover all the space around the ship. Each level has it’s story, but basically you need to take down all/most of the targets that are attacking and thus to survive. The levels last for 10 minutes each and are finished once the player reaches that time point – and is alive. The last level lasts a bit longer (15 minutes). The game contains 6 levels. After the level completion there is a shop with various utilities and armaments. Eg. better guns, shields, time-warp (slowdown), gun enhancements etc. Money(crystals) is gained by destroying alien ships – the better shooter you are more crystals for use in the shop. Are you up to the challenge space warrior?

Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter v1.1 Portable

Game features:
Fastest and most intense 3d shooter space shooter game you have ever seen – feel free to compare it to other games!
The ship is driven by the pilot, and you defend with 2 turrets (upper and lower) covering all the space around the vessel (this is a 3d "rail” shooter space game)
Unique feel of intense battle and adrenalin pumping trough your veins
6 blood pounding missions with great heavy metal tracks while shooting down the invading force, with an option of muting the music if you rather prefer silence or playing some custom tunes on your favorite player in the background
Hours and hours of fun play before you successfully survive the last world and inform humanity about the Acronians – rewarded by a neat animation at the end
Over one hour of constant action needed to finish the game (if you survive all the levels in a row, that is…)
4 levels of difficulty (Rookie, Normal, Ace and Abnormal)
Incredible environments and planets (you can’t land, that’s a decoration only, but very detailed I should add).
Flexible graphics settings to meet your hardware – indie or casual space games usually do not have this – you can check the features and minimal/recommended specifications here
3d explosions with debris falling of everything you shoot at, plus beautiful particle effects
Shop available at the end of each level: weapon, add-ons, shields, utilities, repair-bots… everything to make you happy.
Intro and game complete cut-scenes
Listen to in game chat of pilot, gunner and the ship’s AI to find out what happened meanwhile…
Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter v1.1 Portable

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
DirectX 9
1.5 GHz
Download Link

SPA 124th v1.0.2 iPhone iPod Touch

SPA 124th v1.0.2 iPhone iPod Touch

SPA 124th v1.0.2 iPhone iPod Touch | 78.1 MB

SPA 124th "The Aerodrome - Lafayette Escadrille". A 3D air combat game based on the historical facts and ***s by members of the Lafayette Escadrille. The American Volunteer Aces of the Great War. With Historical Photos and other materials provided by Osprey Publishing Ltd. You get a game full of great detail and an fun dog fighting game over the skies of France.
SPA 124th v1.0.2 iPhone iPod Touch

* Fly over 8 different aircraft of the period.
* You will go head to head against German/Austrian Aces flying.
* A total of 15+ missions in a historical based campaign mode.
* Includes War Notes, a historical references of all the materials: photos, 3D models, etc.
SPA 124th v1.0.2 iPhone iPod Touch

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.
Download Link

Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp

Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp

Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp
 Release: 2010 | English | 46 MB
Developer: Big Fish Games | Genres: Puzzle

Create your own zany "Rube Goldberg” devices! Go crazy with brand new gizmo-twistin’ levels! Enjoy all-new elements, music, backgrounds and more. Start off in the Inventor’s Training Camp to sharpen your skills. Get ready for explosive action and building fun using awesome & wacky parts — including bottle rockets, cannons, bombs, and robots. Dive into Crazy Machines – Inventor Training Camp for some awesome Puzzle fun!
Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp

Game Features:

• Unique Gameplay
• Perplexing Puzzles
• Fun For The Whole Family
Crazy Machines: Inventor Training Camp

System Requirements :

• OS: Windows XP/Vista
• CPU: 800 Mhz
• RAM: 128 MB
• DirectX: 7.1
• Hard Drive: 74 MB

Download Link

Super QuickHook v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch

Super QuickHook v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch

Super QuickHook v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch | 18.8 MB

Swing and run your way through meadows, frost-tinged fields, ice caverns, volcanic caves, and more. Find secrets, loot, and special encounters. Race against your friends. Explore peaceful landscapes, or try to outrun an endless avalanche. QuickHook combines heavy replay value with deep variety!
Super QuickHook v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch

Super QuickHook v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch

* Easy-to-use controls
* Variety of levels
* Survival mode
* Shop with upgrade system
* Exciting retro gameplay

Download Link
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