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Sims 3 Patches and No DVD Cracks.

1.0.0 to 1.2.7 + Generic No DVD Crack
1.2.7 to1.3.24 + Generic No DVD Crack
1.3.24 to 1.4.6 + Generic No DVD Crack
1.4.6 to 1.6.6 + No DVD Crack
1.6.6 to 1.7.9 + No DVD Crack
1.7.9 to 1.8.25 + No DVD Crack
1.8.25 to 1.9.22 + No DVD Crack
1.9.22 to 1.10.6 + No DVD Crack
1.11.7 + No DVD Crack

1.0.0 to 1.2.7

No DVD Crack :
Patch :

Complete list of changes:

* Addresses some issues with Speed 2 and 3 moving too slowly. Some machines will have better results when using Speed 2 and 3 now.
* Fix to story progression on/off selection toggle.
* Fix for a possible crash with audio code.
* Fix for babysitter routing off lots with babies.
* Addresses some issues with Vsync and refresh rate problems.
* Addresses some issues with DVD authentication errors and drive compatibility on startup.
* This update deals with some issues on Mac systems that can crash the game while connecting to AFP servers.
* Fix for a freeze that can occur when Sims attempt to clean out bad food from the fridge.

1.2.7 to 1.3.24

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Patch :

List of changes:

* After getting promoted in a job with a night shift the Sim will only receive the day off if their next shift starts within 8 hours.
* Exporting and Sharing a Level 10 Gardener Sim properly maintains their special abilities.
* Fixes to Story Progression. Babies will no longer be born to single parents. Player created or controlled households are now "protected” and will no longer be removed through "Story Progression.” Warning: Story Progression will no longer remove previously player controlled Sims. Users who take control of too many Sims in the same game may experience poor performance as the neighborhood can become over populated.
* Switching between multiple saved outfits of the same type no longer has the potential to wipe out saved outfits.
* Waterlillies now have a smoother level of detail transition when zooming the camera.
* Camera memory hotkeys now properly remember floor level.
* Certain situations will now properly stop socialization and disallow asking other Sims to join.
* Bait picker for fishing has been improved.
* Sims no longer automatically exit the bathtub before receiving the "Bathe until Tranquil” moodlet.
* Sims can no longer interview non-playable ghosts.
* Addressed an issue where distant audio could occasionally be heard while the player is focused on a Sim is inside their own home.
* Changing jobs no longer fulfills the "Meet All Co-workers” Wish.
* Playable ghost teens and children are now properly assigned to a school.
* Custom paintings can now be properly placed above objects that are placed up against a wall and leave enough wall space.
* The "Call Over” Interaction is now available on seated Sims.
* Reduced the urge for neat Sims to put away fire pits.
* Neighbors will no longer gather to watch a burglar that hasn’t yet stolen anything.
* The "Maywood Glen” community lot is now properly classified as a park.
* "Omni-Plant” opportunity has a higher chance of appearing.
* Painting valued painting wishes are easier to fulfill.
* Number of Books Read in the writing skill journal now counts number of books finished instead of the number of books started.
* Sims will no longer attempt to use laptops when they are ungreeted visitors.
* "Befriend All Co-workers” wish is no longer fulfilled by switching to a job with no coworkers.
* Fixed a problem where the incorrect clothing was displayed on a Sim in the game launcher icon.
* Harvestables on harvest ready plants will not get occasionally lost during import/export.
* Opportunity to improve athletic skill will no longer appear when athletic skill is full.
* "Play a Game with Sim” wish now fulfills from "Playing Foosball.”
* Sims will now get the "Witnessed Divorce” moodlet from watching other married Sims break up.
* Stocked ponds are properly preserved when shared.
* Sims will no longer occasionally fail to walk a path involving four or more flights of stairs.
* A player is now able to complete the "Upgrade Audio Lite by LoFi” Wish.
* Prevented a game freeze that occurred when placing a lot while in "Cameraman Mode.”
* Sims no longer have the rare chance of getting permanently stuck while socializing.
* Non-player Sim autonomy now runs more quickly for Sims on screen and nearby (neighbors won’t spend time standing in their front yards or not moving on community lots)
* Fixed a rare case in which the skewer thumbnail of an NPC could disappear during a private wedding.
* "Become Enemies with Child” wish no longer appears.
* "Quit Job” wish will now fulfill if Sim gets a new job and is forced to quit the old one.
* Stairs are no longer allowed to be deleted while in use.
* Prevented a case where toddlers were allowed to escape a lot and wander freely.
* Fixed a rare case where a toddler’s teddy bear could get permanently stuck in their inventory.
* "Clean High Chair” wish properly fulfills.
* "SimLife Goggles” are no longer duplicated after moving.
* The "Raid Criminals” interaction can now be properly resumed after saving and loading while it is in progress.
* Sims will no longer get a wish to ask their husband to be their boyfriend.
* Fix for a possible crash when disconnecting headphones during gameplay.
* Relationships are properly preserved when merging a newly created household into an existing household.
* "Play with Toy” wish properly fulfills when a child Sim plays with the teddy bear.
* Fixed an error that occurred when deleting an outfit preset that a Sim was wearing.
* Lot pricing was corrected in edit town. The price of trees and bushes is now properly ***ed for. Various community lot objects no longer provide negative value to a lot.
* "Woohoo” interaction now counts as a romantic interaction.
* Wish to "See Child Become a Genius” now auto cancels once it is no longer possible to fulfill.
* Sheet music can no longer be chosen from the bookshelf interactions. This prevents a situation in which Sims could no longer learn particular songs.
* Fixes a rare case where a revived ghost could become stuck in the science lab if a household was split.
* "Eat Food at Park” wish now fulfills properly.
* Parents will no longer wish to "See Sim Get Married” for their already married children.
* Kleptomaniac Sims can no longer return items currently being used by other Sims.
* Fixes a rare case in which a blank thumbnail could appear in the family inventory after a Sim had been kicked out.
* Fixes a rare case in which a blank thumbnail could appear in the family inventory after a Kleptomaniac Sim swiped something.
* ATI video driver’s "Adaptive Aantialiasing” option conflicts with ingame "Edge Smoothing.” The combination causes visual corruption. A note has been added to the readme encouraging players not to enable these two features at the same time.
* Medium-sized, high quality in-game videos can now be successfully uploaded via the launcher.
* Fixed a case where "Breakup with Sim” wasn’t correctly fulfilling.
* Fix for a case where rapidly clicking on Sim traits could crash the game.
* Toddler’s body no longer deforms when "Watching TV” after "Learning to Talk.”
* Sims can now use "Charming Introduction” on Sims invited over to a home lot.
* Gardening skill gain no longer continues if gardening channel viewing is interrupted.
* Child Sims no longer deform after "Watching a Concert.”
* Eating specific prepared meals no longer has an impact on an unborn baby’s gender.
* Fixed a hang that could occur when moving away from a house with harvestable plants growing on it.
* Merge household bed and fridge requirements are no longer enforced on lots that are being abandoned.
* Fixed a problem, where through specific timing, objects could become unusable if the game is saved while they are being placed in a Sim’s inventory.
* The Sims 3 is now properly categorized as a game in the Windows Vista Games Explorer.
* A selected object in buy or build mode now stays attached to the cursor as the player scrolls the camera with the direction keys.
* Fences no longer occlude sound.
* Terrain enclosed by walls and a roof is now properly lit.
* Puddles will properly conform to uneven terrain.
* Prevented problematic routing behavior that occurs when replacing an object mid route.
* Corrected various grammar and spelling mistakes.
* Deleted screenshots no longer remain listed in the launcher.
* "Dance Together” and "Tutor Sim in Skill…” no longer appear on Sims at inappropriate times.
* "Non-hydrophobic” Sims will no longer panic while swimming.
* The Magic Gnome text notification now displays the proper icon.
* Exposed floor tile edges have changed in color.
* Fixed a problem where counters would occasionally turn black while selecting certain objects in build mode.
* Fixed a rare instance where at map level the bulldozer tool could leave a blue hole in the ground.
* The option to "Adjust Tree Detail” now properly displays a "Restart Required” message.
* "Spying on the Cuisine” opportunity can now be fulfilled by selecting to "Eat Outside” at the Bistro.
* Refreshing doors no longer causes them to lose their front door status.
* A child that ages to a teen will no longer receive the wish to "Talk about New Job.”
* "View” interaction will not be duplicated when placing objects on the "Nearly Perfect Pedestal.”
* Up arrow can now be used when placing a house from the library.
* A faint line is no longer visible on the heads of babies.
* Fish are no longer duplicated in the fridge when moving homes.
* All dfc-gorilla (update installer) messages will now appear properly translated.
* Fix for a rare case in which a Sim could be teleported to an invalid location if the game was reloaded while they were "Changing Outfit.”
* Fixed a problem where bulldozed lots were not being properly lit at map level.
* Sims who run into obstacles placed directly in front of them, no longer get stuck.
* Babies and Toddlers will no longer be left alone if the household is split up or merged through edit town, a babysitter will be called.
* Fixed a rare case in which a Sim remains on the wrong lot after moving.
* Guitar Skill level 10 text notification no longer mentions purchasing new songs from the bookstore.
* Fixed a rare case where the social worker’s vehicle could be left behind on a lot.
* Korean GRB rating is now available to use in Windows Parental Controls.
* The Sims 3 now supports more than 2000 concurrent save games.
* Custom Music will no longer be assigned as a favorite randomly.
* Fixed a rare case where "Accept” would be unavailable in Create-A-Sim after undoing while accepting a Sim from "Play with Genetics.”
* Children Sims will no longer attempt to knock over blocks at the same time.
* Fixed child animation when putting away the birthday cake.
* Fish no longer appear on dry ground of lots that have been coverted to residential lots .
* Bulldozing a lot with collectable spawners no longer destroys the spawners.
* A family with only a toddler is no longer allowed to be saved to the library.
* Placing small objects on the front slot of the dresser will no longer block the dresser from being used.
* Sims no longer fail to view decorative objects placed on a fireplace mantle.
* Sims now build relationship through the "Tutor” interaction.
* Fixed a minor error that occurred while loading a game where the dresser was in use.
* Fix for misaligned water effects on a particular sink.
* "Likes Work” moodlet is now properly removed if "Workaholic” trait is changed or removed.
* Purchasing "SimLife Goggles” now fulfills the "Buy Video Game” wish.
* Canceling the installation of a queue of downloaded items now works properly.
* "Collection Helper” is properly displayed when picked up in buy mode.
* Fixes some cases of objects being improperly assigned type in the launcher.
* The player can no longer delete a tombstone that is being used by a ghost.
* Fixed a rare routing failure that could happen when attempting to route to an enclosed object on an inactive floor.
* Televisions no longer play video after they are burned or broken.
* Under certain circumstances, Sims will now choose smarter lot entry locations.
* "Amateur Olympics” Opportunity notification now mentions event times.
* Sims can no longer "Try for Baby” with the Grim Reaper.
* Fixed a rare case where a Sim could start painting but the canvas was not visible.
* Fixed a rare case where the police cruiser could be left in front of the police station.
* "Sabotage” interaction is now available under more conditions.
* Deeds will now stack in the inventory and a "Collect All” interaction can be used on them.
* The Riverview download now displays the proper size for the entire duration of the download.
* Fix for children playing improper animations when trying to cook.
* Fixed an error that occurred when removing the moodlet manager from the inventory of a Sim that was in the process of using the moodlet manager.
* "Upgrade Object” wish correctly filters out gates.
* Various premade Sims downloaded from the exchange are now sorting into the correct age catagory.
* Buildings will keep the appropriate lights when zooming in and out at nighttime.
* Fixed a very slow memory leak triggered by the "Fertilize” interaction.
* Adding support for the NVIDIA Ion.
* Roofing is now visible on low end Intel video cards.
* Replaced a duplicate hat style for elder females.
* Game speed no longer affects the playback of audio stings.
* NPC’s automobiles are no longer purged from inventory.
* Added support for the NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250.
* Mac Only: Custom Content, Screenshots or video added to Documents/User/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/… while the game is running will now show up in the Launcher.
* Mac Only: The Mac version of The Sims 3 now supports Shader Model 3.0 graphics features. (excluding the NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT and 7600GT cards)
* Mac Only: The high lighting quality Sim shader has been enabled in Create-A-Sim.
* Mac Only: Added a warning message upon attempting to delete a downloaded world (Riverview) that associated save files will be lost.
* Mac Only: Enabled depth texture support (shadows) on all supported video cards.
* Mac Only: The user interface is no longer improperly displayed in ingame reflections.

1.3.24 to 1.4.6

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Patch :


PC Only: Addressed an issue where a user was unable to uninstall The Sims™ 3 if the 1.3 update was interrupted.
Mac Only: Fixed a problem that prevented players from installing custom content after installing the 1.3 update.

1.4.6 to 1.6.6

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Patch :

Complete list of changes:

· New Features:
o Build/Buy Mode Additions:
o New Basement Tool: Basement Tool allows you to build basements up to 4 levels deep under your lot. The tool builds under the current level. If you’re underground already, you can hold the Shift key with the tool to build on the current level. Hold the Control key with the tool to delete basements.
o New Pagoda style roofs.
o Decorations may now be placed on roofs.
o Stairs functionality is now improved:
o Foundation walls can be adjusted with modular stairs attached.
o Stairs can be built over gaps.
o Placing stairs around objects that block their placement now give appropriate error messages.
o Stairs can be above and below each other.
o Stairs, fences, and gates can now be customized with textures, as well as being saved and shared with others.
o ‘Sell All’ option for a Family’s inventory.
o Ghosts will now route through walls.
o Players now have ability to change the song track on stereos.
o Favorite choices in Create-A-Sim area can now be bookmarked for future use.
o Following keyboard combinations will now adjust camera rotating and tilt: CTRL+Arrow Keys; CTRL+WASD
o Babies, toddlers, and children now have new animations available:
o Child giving bottle to toddler
o Child feeding toddler in high chair
o Child reading to toddlers
o Child stealing candy from toddler
o Child and toddler hugging
o New shy kiss
o Child to toddler peek-a-boo
o Children fighting
o New irritate
o Declare nemesis

· Gameplay Changes:
o New Lessons have been added to assist new players with some of the more complex base-game concepts.
o Sims will now dream while sleeping by displaying thought balloons.
o When a baby is about to be born, the hospital now has a map tag on it with the appropriate interactions.
o Once a Sim owns a Diner or Bistro, food and drink at those restaurants will be free.
o When a Sim picks up an Unknown Uncommon Seed, there is now a tool tip to notify Player what to do with it.
o Fixed a rare case where the ‘Wugglesworth Schnuggles Bear’ would not appear in the family inventory upon moving a household if it occurs during "Talk through” interaction.
o ‘Delete’ and ‘Save as Custom’ buttons function properly when Player presses CTRL+Z after selecting a different pattern under the same preset within the ‘Accessories’ ‘Clothing’ panel.
o When throwing a Wedding Party, the Sim’s fiancй will be automatically invited.
o Sims will now not run indoors.
o When viewing inside neighbors’ windows, their furnishings will be visible.
o Having a relationship with a specific Service NPC increases the chance they will arrive to handle their particular service job.
o Sims living together will now automatically know each other from the start.
o Fruit trees originally planted in community lots may now be transplanted anywhere else.
o All relevant socials on Maid Service NPC are now available when they are cleaning an object.
o Autonomous interactions based on Sim’s jealousy have been balanced.
o Sim now cannot move mailboxes when cutting gems or mounting fish.
o When a Sim brings a new friend home from school, they are immediately Acquaintances and "Introduction” social interactions are removed.
o Game speed will automatically increase when a Sim is in jail.
o Undoing an outfit deletion from the dresser restores the proper outfit.
o Non-Kleptomaniac Sims will not take and put away portable fire pits that belong to community lots.
o Cars, bikes and scooters can now only be placed on a Sim’s home lot.
o Fixed issue where NPC Ghosts would leave a lot late at night via running off lot, taxi, or car, instead of returning to gravestone in morning.
o Fixed issue where Sims could not fish in ponds on their lots if the lot was surrounded by water.
o Fix for a rare case in which objects could disappear from a lot while a fire is burning and a Sim expires.
o Selling ingredients by recipe will have same price as individual ingredients.
o Ambrosia ingredients can no longer be copied to another Sim’s inventory while the Sim is preparing Ambrosia.
o Sims will now prepare ingredient-named recipes randomly based on the ingredients available in the refrigerator.
o Fixed some cases where it was possible for Sims to pickup objects through walls.
o Birthday Cake will now continue working even when Aging option is turned off.
o Only one Grim Reaper will appear on a lot where more than one death has occurred.
o Fix for occasional bad animation playing when placing a toddler into a crib.
o Improvements were made to car preference.
o Fix for possible missing animation when playing with ‘Wugglesworth Schnuggles Bear’ toy.
o Fix for rare animation problem during clean up.
o Sims can no longer be placed in the family inventory with the ‘MoveObjects’ cheat.
o City Hall clock will display correct time after moving building to a different lot.
o Deed will not disappear from Sim’s inventory after performing an "Ask to Move In” interaction.

· Moodlets and Traits

o Hopeless Romantic Sims will not autonomously flirt when they are heartbroken.
o Sims with Frugal trait now receives ‘Got a Good Deal’ buff when using a coupon at the day spa.
o Fix for a rare case where a teen Sim could have the ‘Out after Curfew’ moodlet permanently after aging up.
o Fixed issue where a lot with the ‘Beautiful Vista’ Moodlet would not persist across any houses built on that same lot.
o Fixed issue where Sims could not gain ‘No Sense of Humor’ trait when manually increasing Sim’s age with aging disabled.
o Sims descended from Firefighters (aka ‘Fireproof Sim’) will react properly to fires on lot.
o Sims with ‘Mooch’ trait will not have "Mooch Food” interaction on their own refrigerators.

· Skills and Careers
o Small fixes to Writing Skill Journal statistic tracking.
o Changing workout intensity while in progress now updates Skill level bar as appropriate.
o When moving retired Sims to multiple lots, they will only receive their retirement pension one time.
o Money Tree’s harvested quality now appears in the Gardening Skill Journal.
o At Level 10 of the music career the performance bar no longer appears.
o Learned songs from the Guitar Skill are now properly exported and saved on a Sim.
o Statistics in ‘Athletic’ Skill Journal will update properly when using ‘Use Workout Facility’ work tone in Law Enforcement Career.
o Sims on maternity leave cannot be put ‘On Call’ by their careers.
o Sims without the Cooking Skill may now continue preparing recipes if they stopped before a recipe is completed.

· Interactions:
o "Throw party at…” option is no longer available if no rentable spaces exist in the neighborhood.
o Sims can no longer perform mean socials to children.
o Sims can now fish from floor tiles not placed on land; for example, a dock made from foundation pieces.
o Sim interactions are now available between two Sims sitting in two different rooms.
o When two Sims are gardening and approach the same plant, the second Sim will move to another plant.
o When the Repoman comes into a Sim’s bedroom while they are sleeping, the Sim will now wake up and have a "Freakout” reaction.
o If a Sim is trying to sleep in a room where a Stereo or TV is on, the Sim will turn it off first.
o "Change Appearance” interaction is now available when Sims are wearing their career outfits.
o When cleaning dishes, Sims are more likely to use dishwasher if one is present.
o Child and Teen Sims will not autonomously sit down in the street to do homework.
o When a Sim starts to dance to a stereo that is already on, the station will not change.
o All socials now available on other Sims as they are leaving buildings.
o "Cure” and "Zap” interactions no longer available for Toddlers or Children when Moodlet Manager is in their inventory.
o Canceling social interactions with current Sim no longer cancels queued-up socials with other Sims.
o Expectant mothers can now ask doctors to determine baby gender.
o When Sim uses "Speak Madness” interaction with another Sim, reaction will be negative unless the designated Sim is Insane or has a high relationship with the Sim who initiated the interaction.
o All appropriate socials now appear when sitting to play chess or use computer.
o Lights now turn off in room if two Sims are sleeping and one leaves.
o When queuing up actions for a couple after "Woo-hooing” and falling asleep, Sims will complete actions after waking up as normal, not immediately.
o NPC Sims will properly respond to "Invite to Join Conversation” interactions even if they are not in the designated lot.
o "Serve Food” interaction will appear on Yummer’s High Chair after placing a Food Processor in the lot.
o Queuing up actions after Player directs Sim to chat on the phone will not cancel phone call.
o Sims will not autonomously choose socials that are not currently possible or available.
o "Coo over Children” interactions will not be available to children to use.
o "Name” interaction will remain on painted canvases after moving lots.
o Fixed instance where "Contemplate Surroundings” interaction would not remain in the action queue for Sims with the ‘Genius’ trait until it is completed.
o "Check Fireplace” interaction will work even if a fireplace is not lit.
o Urns will appear properly in a Sim’s inventory after the "Restore Ghost” interaction.
o "Boost Channel” Handiness Skill will not be available if Sim owns a high end TV with all channels.
o Can now feed all fish in a lot when there are multiple fish present.
o Mail Carriers will properly leave a "Hang Out” if their needs require it.
o If a Babysitter arrives via a "Call Babysitter” dialog box action, the babysitter will not just disappear when a Sim returns.
o Interactions are still available on a completed painting after the painting Sim dies.
o Sims can continue to finish an unfinished painting if they are ever interrupted.
o When there is a fire on the player’s lot, "Call Fire Department” will appear as the only option on the cell phone’s pie menu.
o When a Service NPC is leaving a lot, the "Invite to Join Conversation” interaction is now unavailable.
o Sim will properly complete the interaction to "Watch Sim Change Shape” on the body sculptor.
o "Jog Here” Interaction will not appear when selecting a pool.
o "Get Help From…” and "Work on Late Homework” Interactions will not be available if "Do Homework” Interaction is unavailable.
o "Kick it up a Notch” option no longer available on ‘Perfect Quality’ dishes.

· Wishes and Opportunities:

o Both parents receive credit now for "Teach …” Wishes when only one parent teaches the child.
o Pregnancy related Wishes are now cleared if not fulfilled during pregnancy.
o Reward for "Forensic Analysis” interaction now rewards 1000 simoleons after interaction completes.
o Sim will not receive ‘Get Ingredients for Ratatouille’ after already having the required ingredients in their inventory.
o Player no longer receives ‘Become More Muscular’ Wish when their muscularity level is at maximum.
o ‘Taking Skill Class’ Wishes now apply until Sim reaches Level 10 or has already completed class.
o The ‘Donating $xxx to undermine charity’ Wish is properly removed when a Sim’s trait changes from ‘Evil’ to ‘Good’.
o "Ask Child for Campaign Donation” interaction properly appears in order to fulfill ‘Ask Child Sim for Campaign Donation’ Wish.
o Earning exactly 25 simoleons will fulfill ‘Earn 25 Simoleons in Tips’ Wish.
o Guitar Skill will increase when satisfying the ‘In the End’ Opportunity by playing at a business office party
o Reaching Level 10 of the Business Career will fulfill the ‘Reach the Top of Business Career’ Wish.
o ‘The R.H.A.T. Race’ and ‘A H.O.R.S.E. of Course’ Opportunities have been adjusted to be easier.
o Opportunity to sell a painting twice in order to earn twice the money has been eliminated.
o Sims that have learned all recipes will not receive the ‘Buy a New Recipe’ Wish.
o ‘See Become a Doctor’ Wish is now fulfilled after the target Sim becomes a ‘Resident Doctor’ via ‘Change Career’ Opportunity.
o ‘Earn xxx Simoleons’ Wish can be fulfilled by earning simoleons through available Opportunities.
o ‘Conduct Research’ Opportunity may be fulfilled on any personal computers in Sim’s home, even if purchased after Opportunity is received.
o ‘Chess Tournament’ Opportunity description now includes the ending time.
o ‘Audio Study’ Opportunity description now states it can be satisfied by playing or listening to a guitar.

· Build/Buy Mode:

o New sorting categories have been added to the Build/Buy menus: Displays, Roof Decorations
o Various fixes have been made to object thumbnails.
o Object catalog now displays while cloning any object in the community lot.
o Lights will now turn on/off when toggling the Day/Night button. When returning to Live Mode, lights will return to state appropriate for time of day.
o Footprint for three tile windows now appears properly when placed at an angle.
o Counters will no longer be connected through walls.
o Appropriate feedback messages now appear for objects that cannot be placed on community lots.
o Fences can now be placed at pool boundaries.
o Placing pillars near steep walls will no longer turn those walls to water.
o Deleting floor tiles under foundations function correctly on lots with pools or ever contained a pool.
o Objects will no longer delete if pressing mouse buttons while moving objects on lot.
o Outdoor lights may be placed on fence posts.
o Up and Down Floor buttons will now appear disabled when on the top or bottom floor respectively.

· Create-a-Sim:
o Male Sims can now wear up to three earrings on one ear.
o Color swatches now highlight when selected.
o Deleted Sim portraits will not appear again when Player creates new Sim in a previously deleted Sims slot.
o ‘Delete’ and ‘Share’ buttons will not highlight if there is no custom content available.
o The correct selections will highlight after undoing a choice.
o ‘Hair’ tab’s ‘Change Color’ panel will properly disappear after exiting ‘Change Appearance’ screen.

· Create-a-Style:
o Players can no longer access Edit Town mode while in Create-a-Style mode.
o Can now change an entire wall’s covering with a single mouse click. Single tiles can be changed by holding down the SHIFT key while clicking the mouse.

· User Interface & Controls:

o Inventory tab size may now be manually expanded for easier browsing.
o Tooltips have been adjusted to not be cut off by the screen edge.
o When shopping for books or groceries, the item quantity is no longer grayed out when selecting the item from the sell tab.
o You can now press TAB to change between the RGB and Hex color modification fields.
o ‘Stackable’ items now appear as a single item with a quantity in the family inventory when moving.
o When roasting items at the fire pit, the items in the selection UI will now stack based on type and quality.
o Relationship information panel no longer lists retired Sims as ‘Unemployed’.
o Build Mode Level Tool feedback has been improved.
o Fixes for various buttons’ highlight states.
o ‘Autograph Session’ description now lists how long until another autograph session is available after completing a session.
o "Rocks and Gems” interaction on the ‘Collection Helper’ Lifetime Reward will display correct map tags when rotating lots.
o Grim Reaper relationship will only appear once in Relationship Panel if there is more than one death occurring on a lot.
o A warning will appear during uninstall explaining that the custom music folder will be deleted.
o Various Inventory optimizations.
o Various text and grammar fixes.

· Game Engine Improvements:
o Items moved manually to the ‘Downloads’ folder will now show up in the game launcher’s ‘Downloads’ screen.
o Updated lot loading to more gracefully handle loading when visiting town NPCs.
o Routing of Sims around groups, in homes and through community lots has improved.
o Service NPCs now have the appropriate number of traits for their age.
o Object states are now retained when importing and exporting between towns.
o Camera movement and speed control has been improved.
o Game will no longer freeze when pressing CTRL+Z while sharing a CAS outfit.
o Household descriptions will update properly when a Sim moves into another house.
o Various fixes for some rare route failure situations.
o There is now a distance check for playing the video game system.

· Art Improvements:
o Shaders used on torch flames are improved.
o Mirrors will now always reflect wall objects, even with Walls Down or Cutaway.
o Lighting of outdoors at dusk has been improved for lower-end video cards.
o Some hairstyles and accessories have been modified to eliminate white lines or blank areas from appearing.
o Roofs have been adjusted as to not cut through walls.

· Audio:

o Sound volume on objects now adjusts depending on whether the Walls toggle is set to Up, Down, or Cutaway.
o Sound volume will gradually change depending on the camera’s distance from an object.
o Footstep sounds will now change depending on the ground type the Sim is walking on (i.e. stone, gravel, etc.).
o Increased minimum sound radius around vehicles to prevent the sound from panning rapidly left and right.
o Water sprinkler SFX will cease when moving sprinklers on a lot.
o Improvements made to the audio system to address the possible situation in which audio dropped out over long-term play.

· Mac Specific:

o After exiting the game, desktop icons appear in same location as at game start.

1.6.6 to 1.7.9

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Patch :

change log:

Fix for save file incompatibilities that result in the Error Code 16 error message while saving.

1.7.9 to 1.8.25

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Patch :

Changes in this release:

* In-Game Store: Players may now access store content through the Buy Mode In-Game Store Browser.
* Mac Uninstaller. The Mac Uninstaller gives Mac players the option to easily uninstall all Sims 3 applications and content or expansion packs.
* Added an auto recovery prompt to recover save games corrupted by the late "Error Code 16? bug.
* Fixed a hang that could occur when changing the active household.
* Sims’ lifespans are no longer altered when using the Change Appearance or Plan Outfit interactions.
* The "C” shortcut key now works when taking cell phone pictures.
* Food stored in fridges now spoils at the reduced rate.
* Owned businesses now properly generate income again.
* Swimming Sims no longer walk on water after The Sims™ 3 is updated.
* Custom Music Favorites are no longer switched to French Music Favorites after updating.
* Improved the Favorite Music Cheat.
* The background music track is no longer restarted when switching between Build and Buy Modes.
* The low detail Cypress Tree model has been refined.
* Addressed an issue where the inside of bowls appeared blue while Sims were mixing the contents.
* Mac: Improved stability of The Sims™ 3 running on an Nvidia 7300 Series.
* Ghosts can now float into rooms with no doors.
* Fixed a minor error that occurred when building a room around a visiting NPC.
* Estimated interaction duration for Sleep and Exercise interactions is now much more accurate.
* Interaction Option selections are now properly applied if selected before the interaction begins.
* "Delete Object” testing cheat has been added.
* Mac: The Game Launcher no longer allows players to edit file extensions. This was a frequent cause of upload failures.
* Mac: Fixed a crash that occurred when moving through the installer very quickly.
* Hitting Undo with the terrain paint eraser tool selected no longer automatically selects a terrain paint brush.
* When unmarried Sims have a baby, an accurate relationship status is displayed in the relationship panel.
* Gnomes can now be live dragged on community lots.
* Trash piles are now properly reacted to after a lot containing the trash piles is exported and replaced through Edit in Game.
* Fixed a minor error that could occur if a visiting Sim was not greeted before they needed to leave.
* Fixed an uncommon problem where the game could crash while being quit.
* Fixed a crash that could occur after leveling extremely uneven terrain.
* Improved extended game session stability.
* Undeletable walls can no longer be created in basements.
* The clone cheat has been disabled on Sims and Walls.
* Mac: Multiple launcher windows can no longer be opened at the same time.
* Fixed a hang if the player opened the cheat console while rotating a lot in Edit in Game mode.
* Improved long term stability when running at Speed 3 for extended periods of time.
* The Add to Active Family cheat will no longer allow more than 8 Sims to be added to a household. Households with over 8 Sims lead to game instability.

1.8.25 to 1.9.22

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This game update includes:

- High-End Loft Stuff - This update is required to play the digital download version of The Sims 3 High-End Loft Stuff.
- World Adventures - Users can now capture the Town Theatre subject in photography
- A change was made so that desks do not burn anymore.
- Mac only: Fixed an error with uploading screenshots from the Mac when the ".jpg” file extension is deleted.
- PC only: Fixed a bug where the launcher would display an error message that it could not connect to EADM on Vista and Windows 7 machines.

1.9.22 to 1.10.6

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change log:

* Fixes issues with the Input Method Editor for players on the Japanese SKU. Also addresses some functionality errors in the launcher.
* Fixes a bug that prevents collectible Beetles from showing up in game.
* Fixes a bug that causes Sims to teleport off of some of the new beds in SP01.
* Fixes crashes and stalls when multiple patches are being installed.

1.10.6 to 1.11.7

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Change list:

Fixes an issue where Sims continuously perform the "Be Invited Inside" interaction on other Sims™ lots.
· Fixes an issue that causes Sims to get stuck in the "Grab a Slice" interaction on pizza.
· Shop Mode Update: Fixes problems caused by the font and updates the In Game Store to the latest EA Webkit version.
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