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[NL] Army Men Sarge’s War (ENG-RUS)

System requirements:
Minimum: P3-450, 128MB RAM, 16MB Video
Recommended: P4-1000, 256MB RAM, 32MB Video

On the file:
Publication Type: piratka
Tabletka: Not required
File format:. Mdf
Platform: PC

Armed and Dangerous - DEViANCE

AIM Racing [2009]

Recommended System RequirementsOperating System: Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 4 2.5 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Video card: NVidia® GeForce™ 6800, ATI® Radeon™ x800
Sound card: DirectX™ 9.0 compatible
Hard disc: 2.5 GB available in the hard disk

Fragment : Eclipse (2009/ENG)

Fragment : Eclipse (2009/ENG) | Genere : Action
Lang : Eng | Size 835 MB: | Rapidshare Links

Game description:
The third version of the game added three new characters and the mode of visual novels

From version 2.02 added a feature to the game play on the network for p2p-systems.

To do this:
1. In the properties netvs.exe set a compatibility mode with Windows 2000 (or simply will not run)
2. Run netvs.exe. In the Player Name to write a nickname.
If you have acted as a server, you must set the fps and the port, which will knock the client. (fps 60 kept only lokalke. but in any case, the value is best experienced through). Then click the button and wait Wait for a client.
If you are a client - type the IP-address and port of the server and click Connect.
3. After all the settings, the client connects to the server. If successful the connection is marked Connected nickname and the server becomes the active button Game Start

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP (with DirectX 9.0 or higher)
600 MHz Pentium III
Video card with 32MB
900MB of hard disk space
4-button game controller Fragment Eclipse By Sanosuke.part1.rar.htm Fragment Eclipse By Sanosuke.part2.rar.htm Fragment Eclipse By Sanosuke.part2.rar.htm Fragment Eclipse By Sanosuke.part3.rar.htm Fragment Eclipse By Sanosuke.part4.rar.htm

Fast Food Empire-FASiSO

Release: 8 October 2009
Genre: Simulation / Tycoon
Developer: G2 Games
Language: English
Size: 1,76 GB

This game is also known as:
- Hot Dogs Hot Gals
- Hot Dogs Hot Girls

An Extreme make over for Fast food Management!

Reward yourself with a fresh new approach to the fast food industry!
Dominate the fast food industry city by city, using gorgeous franchise staff as your secret weapon. Discover a whole new dimension to fast food management as you build your own fast food empire in this exciting new

There are endless ways to win! Thrash your competitors however you like, only just...WIN!

Now what would you do to give your business a boost if you had the Mafia at your finger tips....?

Addicting mini-games that you might want to put your business at risk just to play again!

Just a shoe right? Think again! Your franchise girls clothing may be the key to billions or bankruptcy!

A selection of heart-throbbing beauties from all over the world for you to recruit!

URL: Fast Food Empire (PC CD): PC & Video Games

NOTE: This game is from 2007, but was not released in english till now.

Install Notes

1. UnRAR
2. Burn the ISO with your favorite software.
3. Install game

System Requirements

Processor: 1GHz
OS: Windows
RAM: 256MB
Video RAM: 128MB

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse (2006)


Space Colony


Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Also works on Vista
Processor: 800mhz (1.2ghz+ preferred)
Memory: 64MB (128MB recommended)
Hard Drive: 850MB
Video: 4MB DirectX 8.1 Compatible
Sound: DirectX 8.1 Compatible
CD Rom: 8x Speed

Republic: The Revolution

Republic: The Revolution is set in Novistrana, an ex-Soviet state, ruled by a corrupt and brutal

dictator. With a personal vendetta against the President and discontent spreading throughout the

nation, now is the moment to seize power. Time to start a revolution - will it be to liberate the

masses or to become their new oppressor?

Starting with a single loyal supporter create a powerful nationwide faction strong enough to oust the

President and take control. Using either your Influence, Wealth or Force, gain the allegiance of

prominent public figures including members of the Secret Police, Councillors, Celebrities, Priests,

and Criminals. Hundreds of diverse actions enable you to order and manipulate the masses from rallies

and riots to constructing crime syndicates, holding charity galas, organising secret police 'hits' or

broadcasting news propaganda.

Threats come from seven other factions, all vying for supreme control. Over-shadowing everything is

the President who will do anything to hold onto power. Be as ruthless or as compassionate as you

want, but beware, as every action can have untold repercussions and consequences on the future of

your Republic.



HUNDREDS OF ACTIONS such as Bribe, Contract Kill, Alpha Squad Hits, Defame, Terrorise, Gifts and

Brainwash help you gain extra support or silence your opposition.

ALL NEW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE creates responsive enemy factions, which launch tactical offensives

against your every move increasing the challenge and ensuring an individual gaming experience for

every player.

'TOTALITY,' A HIGHLY ADVANCED NEW ENGINE uses millions of polys to create astoundingly lifelike

graphics / special effects AND simulates the lives of thousands of people, providing them all with

individual routines and behavioural patterns.

THOUSANDS OF VARIABLES allow you to decide what kind of leader you will be. Use compassion or force;

the style of play is up to you

FREELY EXPLORE THREE VAST cities which all take their inspiration from great East European Countries

- all mapped out in minute detail
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