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nno 1404 Dawn Of Discovery-Razor1911

Dawn of Discovery Minimum System Requirements

* Microsoft Windows Windows XP (SP3), Vista Operating System
* 128 MB DirectX 9 compatible Video Card (512 MB with DirectX 10 recommended)
* Supported Video Cards at Time of Release*
o ATI Radeon 9600–9800 / X300–850 / X1050–1950 / HD2400-2900 / HD3400–3870 / HD4300–4890
o NVIDIA GeForce 6100–6800 / 7100–7950 / 8200–8800 / 9200–9800 / 120–140 / 250–295
* Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz or higher processor (dual core recommended)
* 1 GB of available system memory (3 GB recommended)
* 6 GB of available hard drive space
* Microsoft DirectX 9 or 10
* Windows-compliant Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad, Headset
* DirectX 9 compatible Sound Card
o NVIDIA nForce or other motherboards/soundcards containing the Dolby Digital Interactive Content Encoder is required for Dolby Digital audio.

Anno 1503

Minimum Requirements
Pentium II 500 MHz (or similar CPU)
128 MB RAM, min. 930 MB hard drive space
DirectX 7 compatible 3D AGP video card (16 MB)
DirectX 8.1. or higher
DirectX-compatible sound card 12x CD ROM drive

CPU 1,0 GHz (Intel or AMD)
256 MB RAM

Bright Shadow (2010/ENG)

OS: Windows ® 2000/XP/Vista/Windows Seven ®
Processor: 2 GHz Intel ® Pentium or better
Disk space: 3 GB
Video: GeForce FX 5600 128Mb
Sound: Compatible with Direct x 9.0 or above
Internet: Cable / DSL 56kb

Year: 2010
Developer: Gamania Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Ltd
Publication Type: License
Language: English
Medicine: Not required
Size: 1.55 GB

OS: Windows 98/98SE/2000/XP
CPU: 1.5GHz or equivalent processor
Memory: 128MB RAM
Video: 64MB Direct3D compatible video card (card must support Pixel Shading)
Sound: DirectX 9c compatible sound card
HDD: 2.5GB free space
Peripherals: Keyboard Mouse

CrimeCraft (2009)

Minimum System Requirements:
System: XP, Vista
Processor: Intel single core 1.6 ghz
Memory: 1024 mb (1 gb)
Video card: GeForce 7600 class / ATI Radeon X1600
Sound Card: 256 mb

1) Install the game using "Autorun".
2) Run the game, the game will be updated to the full version.
3) to register on the site CrimeCraft
4) Start the game and enter the e-mail you used for registration and password.
5) Play.

Publication Type: License
Language: English

Year: 2009
Genre: RPG / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person / Online-only / Massively multiplayer
Platform: PC
Developer: Vogster Entertainment
Publisher: THQ
Size: 3.23 GB

City Life World Edition

Processor: 1.5GHz
RAM: 256MB
Video*: 64 MB RAM Fully DirectX 9.0c compatible video adapter such as the ATI Radeon 8000 or nVidia GeForce 4Ti

Processor: 2.5GHz
RAM: 512MB
Video*: 128 MB RAM Fully DirectX 9.0c compatible video adapter such as the ATI Radeon 9700 or nVidia GeForce FX

Civcity: Rome

Civilization IV Full Series

Developer: Firaxis Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Release date: May 12, 2009
Genre: Historic Turn-based Strategy
Size: 3.7 Gb (HF)
Language: English, German, Spainish, French, Italian

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV is the ultimate strategy game, offering players the chance to lead their chosen nation from the dawn of man through the space age and become the greatest ruler the world has ever known. Civilization IV: The Complete Edition includes the original strategy classic, plus all three expansion packs in one box, for an incredible value.
Civilization IV (Original)
Release: Oct 25, 2005 |Size: ISO 1.34 Gb

With over 6 million units sold and unprecedented critical acclaim from fans and press around the world, Sid Meier's Civilization game is recognized as one of the greatest PC game franchises of all-time. Now, Sid Meier and Firaxis Games take this incredibly fun and addictive game to new heights by adding new ways to play and win, new tools to manage and expand your civilization, all-new easy to use mod capabilities and intense multiplayer modes and options.

Civilization 4 comes to life like never before in a beautifully detailed, living 3D world that elevates the gameplay experience to a whole new level. Whether playing multiplayer or single player, team play offers a new way of setting locked alliances that result in shared wonder effects, visibility, unit trading and shared territory that delivers a plethora of new strategic and tactical options.

System requirements:
- OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- 1.2 GHz Processor
- 256 MB RAM
- 1.7 GB free space
- DirectX 9.0c -compatible 64 MB video card with hardware T&L & pixel shader
- DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card

Archlord - 2010 ENG

Archlord - Online Free MMORPG
Need Free game key from: Language Select

ArchLord - Set in the world of Chantra, this game is an epic fantasy mix, featuring lush in game graphics and a soft sensual soundtrack brilliantly scored by the London Symphony Orchestra. ArchLord brings together all the elements that make MMOs so enjoyable but with a unique hook, the chance to rule the in game world and with it receive a range of benefits.
The world of Chantra is designed around the five elements, fire, spirit, earth, water and air providing all the areas with very unique and distinctive looks. As you move through the world from the dark expanses of the Orc home world through to the bright, light marble of the human world you will find yourself constantly drawn into to this lush and vivid environment.

Players are able to play as one of three unique races including Humans, Moon Elf?s and Orcs and within each race they will be able to choose from one of eight different classes depending on their chosen race. Each of these classes will have a host of unique features that players will need to master in order to become true masters of their class, this will present a challenge to both new and seasoned players alike.

One of the most appealing features is it?s ability to accommodate both the hardcore PvP fan as well as those looking for more solo action in a quest based game. Players will find themselves able to take part in massive real time battles between guilds accommodating hundreds of players. Or for those that wish to engage in more solo based play they will be able to partake in an extensive range of quests to explore the world and level their skills.

There is more to ArchLord than just the above, there are many features of the game that you really must experience first hand to get a feel for the depth and quality that this game offers. ArchLord has something for everyone, but do you have what it takes to become the ArchLord

Beyond Divinity

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 98SE, 2000 SP2, ME, XP
CPU: 800MHz
RAM: 256MB
Video: 64MB

Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Windows 98SE, 2000 SP2, ME, XP
CPU: 1.7GHz
RAM: 512MB
Video card: 128MB

1. Unrar
2. Mount
3. Install
4. Install the patch
6. Play


Agon Lost Sword Of Toledo

[Minimum System Requirements]
-OS: Windows XP/Vista
-Processor: Pentium 4 @ 1.6 GHz or Equivalent
-Memory: 512 MB
-Hard Drive: 2 GB Free
-Video Memory: 64 MB (nVidia GeForce 3 or later)
-Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
-DirectX: 9.0c
-Keyboard & Mouse
-CD/DVD Rom Drive
[Recommended System Requirements]
-OS: Windows XP/Vista
-Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2 GHz or Equivalent
-Memory: 1 GB
-Hard Drive: 2 GB Free
-Video Memory: 128 MB (nVidia GeForce 6600)
-Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
-DirectX: 9.0c
-Keyboard & Mouse
-CD/DVD Rom Drive

AGON The Mysterious Codex (ENG/PC)

AGON The Mysterious Codex |PC| 1.4 Gb

The world is full of secrets, mysteries and unexpected discoveries. Anyone who has devoted his life to finding the unknown, can overcome all obstacles to the goal. Samuel Hunt, a scientist from the British Museum, once accidentally touched the secret ... and it changed his life. In the hands of the investigator got an anonymous letter, which promised to make the prospect of world discovery.

Now the professor to unravel mysteries of the twelve familial curses, and unravel the secret of board games. Traveling to different corners of the Earth, Samuel Hunt, learn traditions and customs of different peoples. This is an adventure quest with excellent graphics, the basic plot that is surrounded by two interesting board games. Three episodes: London, Lapland and Madagascar - the beginning of the Infinite exciting adventures!

Classic quest, full of riddles.
Superb graphics and exciting plot.
Two exciting table games.
Easy management.
Over 30 original musical compositions.

Information about the game:
Title: AGON: The Mysterious Codex
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC
Developer: Private Moon Studios
Publisher: Private Moon Studios
Language: ENG

Sustem requirements:
Pentium 1.7 Mhz RAM: 256 MB Video: 128 MB
All Inclusive
Size: 1.4 Gb
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